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coaching making change Nov 25, 2013

Welcome to Albany Lane – a place for anyone interested in finding their own path through work and life.

I believe that we have an inherent ability to lead change in our lives, creating what we want and need, for ourselves and those around us.  The tools for change can come from many places, but the knowing what to do with these tools sits within us.

I have created Albany Lane as a space and service for you: someone who wants to change something in their life: this could be a new business venture; a simpler way of working; a more effective team; a new job; better balance of the needs of work, family and self.

The idea for Albany Lane came from my experience working with many great leaders in government, public service and not for profit agencies and in leading teams and policy development processes, mostly in creative and cultural sectors. 

What I have found is working with these amazing public leaders is the value of having someone to talk to, share ideas, who understands you and your environment.  In a public and leadership role you are visible, accountable to multiple stakeholders, and are working in pressure cooker environments juggling constant change.  

What I wanted was someone outside the organisation, not my boss, team, colleague, friend or partner – who could stand with me and look at the situation objectively.  Who would listen and help me find my own solutions, in my own way and my own time.  Who would nudge me when I may have missed something, who would challenge me when I was playing small and who would cheer me on and celebrate my success (big or small).   Who would work with my teams and stakeholders, allowing me to listen without judgement and sense what was going on and what needs to change.   Who would understand my values and help me find my own path in the world of work.

So I have founded Albany Lane to provide coaching and facilitation services, which are based on your individual and particular needs:

  • SPACE to pause, think and consider what is going on from different angles and points of view and the safety to try out new ideas, test concepts, play around with new thoughts and uncover feelings
  • FEEDBACK that is gentle and designed to throw new light on your experience and show a different way of working or being
  • CHALLENGES that respond to what may be coming up for you, that take you outside your comfort zone but at the time and place that feels right to you. 
  • INSIGHT that comes from within you and can change the way you perceive the world around you.

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