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Typical Outcomes and Results

Leadership Coaching 

Many of our clients have been working with Albany Lane for a year, two years or even more. 

Over this time our clients report a range of insights and learnings, such as greater clarity in goal setting and strategy, increased confidence in new leadership skills, and more courage to take risks and step outside their comfort zones. 

Clients also report positive changes in their teams, through greater challenges, open communication and more inclusive work practices. 

Career Coaching 

On completion of our six session program, our clients report a greater level of satisfaction with their working lives, from very unsatisfied or unsatisfied, to very satisfied or extremely satisfied. 

Many have changed jobs, securing promotions and/or better work-life balance.

Some have secured senior or executive roles, or have become leaders in their sector or community; others have started businesses, monetising their creativity; some have embraced a lifestyle change or dream. 

Self Compassion Programs

Many of our clients have struggled to develop self-compassion and other internal support systems, leaving them constantly feeling self-critical, isolated and overwhelmed. 

In our programs, they have developed their capacity for self-kindness, mindfulness and being connected to others.  

These three elements are the foundation for a self-compassionate approach to our working lives, our personal growth and our goals. 



Libby Varcoe

I like to think of myself as pretty self-aware, but Judith really pointed out my blind spots .... It made me feel excited about what’s possible and what potentially lies ahead.

Margete Lamond

I now know it is important to have a coach as an ongoing thing. Elite sportspeople have coaches throughout their careers, so it make sense to continue with a coach as a business person.

Marlo Newton

Supportive, empathic, encouraging, hilarious...Albany Lane coaching is the coaching you didn't know you needed. It's tailored, and friendly yet holds you accountable.


Creative Leadership Coaching

Yarmilla Alfonzetti

Through Judith's coaching and mentoring technique, based around enhancing the intrinsic skills I already possessed.

Judith's broad range of experience means that there is no situation, problem or challenge for which she cannot support a resolution; the important thing being that it is your resolution, not something out of a textbook.

I would highly recommend Judith Bowtell to teach, enhance and advance the leadership skills of any person in a position where they need to shoulder the responsibility of major decisions affecting staff, their business and an industry.

Lois Randall

Coaching made me think about my values and where I find joy and then building on that and finding strength in that as a touchstone.

Albany Lane's planning and vision exercises brought different perspectives, including where I find joy and looking out for the next generation. 

This surprised me and helped me change my goals, as well as develop some tools around "telling my story" and re-positioning myself and my company.

Natalia Stawyskyj

I definitely believe the program improved my interpersonal skills, so I can now speak more confidently and productively with others. I think the program has also given me the confidence to envision a bolder future for myself.

The primary new thought I have had after completing the program is that I have become interested in board positions which is something I had never considered and wouldn't have had the confidence to do before the program. 


Career Coaching - Create Your Ideal Working Life

Lisa Walton

I came to realise that I had a much clearer idea of what I wanted to pursue and achieve than I thought I did.

I was able to see that the goals I want to achieve are not immediate and will take time. That there are more opportunities (roles, learning, projects, etc.) than what I was boxing myself into.

I found that not every opportunity is going to exactly fit my resume or perceived skills/experience. I also began to realise that not exactly fitting the role description or project description is a great opportunity to learn and challenge myself where there may not have been for a while in my job/life.

I also realised that the role itself is not the only important thing - the people, community, flexibility etc. of a role or project are just as important to my health, career and goals.

Carli Ratcliff

Judith's insights and her ability gently lead me to my own discovery of what might be possible for my career and my future.

I learnt how my current skillset, management style, values and personality can be turned to new career pursuits and projects.

I also learned how to build the boundaries necessary to reach my career goals.


Working with Judith gave me the insight and confidence to build a clear plan for the next 5-10 years of my career and retirement planning. 

Vicki Norton

When I began my sessions with Judith, I felt really unsure of which way I wanted to go with my career. I'd just got to the end of the baby stages for my two kids and my values and goals had shifted.

Judith guided me to discover what I really care about and where my strengths are. She was so generous with her time and helped me to change my thinking so that I felt positive about where I'd been, and where I am going in my working life. 

Judith also understood my need to balance career with family and well being, and so to consider carefully the opportunities that presented themselves to me.

I'm so glad that I went to see Judith and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to consolidate and grow their career.


Self Compassion - Our Internal System of Support 

Eugenie Lee

Living with persistent illnesses has been a challenge for me, personally and professionally.

I have not been easy on myself but since Judith's coaching, I have a different perspective on my personal and professional life with kindness and compassion.

I still have a long way to go but I now have skills to support myself whenever I fall down into the spirals of guilt and perfectionism.

I've learned to be more compassionate towards myself especially when my chronic illness slows me down from wanting to achieve fast-paced goals.

Emily Dash

I believe self-compassion is an essential element of effective leadership, not least because we can’t be truly kind to others if we’re not kind to ourselves first.

Implementing the practice was very useful - it helped me preserve boundaries between life and work, improved my relationships with colleagues and allowed me to give myself a break when I needed it.



Lots of insights were gained in the discussions especially around the many life impacts occurring in my life which I didn't pay attention to as perhaps draining of energy.

I developed a focus on wellbeing, understanding myself, preparing small actions that can have a huge impact once implemented.

As a result my goals changed regularly as I began to evolve and understand what my true needs were to thrive which were very different to the more superficial/structured initial goals I set at the start.

*Client asked to stay anon. 

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