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Aligned & Thriving, Strategies for Achieving Work Life Balance 

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Your premier resource for inspiration and guidance to elevate your career development and personal development journey from challenge to triumph. If you've ever felt drained at work or struggled to stay focused amidst life's demands, you're not alone. Hosted by Judith Bowtell, former corporate leader turned career development coach, this podcast empathises with the quest for work life balance. Drawing from her own midlife crisis and extensive client experience, Judith advocates for integrating work life balance as a core value, not just another task on the agenda.

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Creative Leadership

Discover your personal values and how to align your work, team, programs and organisation. Gain the confidence to influence others for positive change, and how to understand your impact. 

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Career Coaching

Gain the clarity and confidence you need to create your Ideal Working Life and
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Self-Compassion Hub

Learn how self-compassion is more than being kind to yourself. Discover how it is the foundation for less stress, healthy boundaries and better relationships, especially at work. 

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Clarity of Vision

Our programs will give you the resources to clarify your goals, and design strategies to move you forward. 

Authentic Confidence

Authentic confidence comes from within, and can be expressed in many ways...including through reflection, silence and holding space for someone else to have their say.  

Courage to make change

Being willing and able to stand up and do the work to make a positive difference in your life and the lives of others. 

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