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What is included in Albany Lane's
Ideal Working Life program?

Insightful Modules

Explore a structured journey towards your ideal career with guidance from career expert Judith Bowtell.

Group Coaching

These monthly live sessions aim to develop essential skills, professional capabilities and propel yourself towards achieving unbelievable career goals


You can join Albany Lane's team and engage with a community of peers. Collaborate with like-minded individuals to share insights and collectively address career challenges.

The Ideal Working Life program is designed for anyone stuck in a rut or on the edge of exhaustion and burnout. It is a proven,  unforgettable, and life-changing experience.

All of the program elements have been developed personally by Judith Bowtell, throughout her extensive career development process.  Unlike many other career coaching program, Ideal Working Life has been proven to deliver life changing results.  

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About your program leader and coach

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Meet Judith Bowtell, a seasoned creative and corporate leader turned dedicated career development coach with a passion for guiding individuals towards discovering their true values and transforming their professional journeys. With over a decade of refining, her program offers a distinctive approach to achieving work life balance without compromising on personal ambitions or career aspirations.

Judith can be heard everyweek on our podcast Aligned & Thriving: Strategies for Achieving Work LIfe Balance.