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Albany Lane’s top 10 hacks to better networking

career development networking Jun 12, 2023

When you next attend an industry event or conference, prepare yourself for networking and making the most of authentic connections you can build on. It can often feel overwhelming, and the urge to sell yourself and your projects can add pressure that makes you, well not quite you. Here’s our top ten checklist to get under your belt before you arrive.

Introduce yourself Use your full name and remember you're not just promoting your project, but yourself. 

Half of communication is actually in the expression, tone, eye contact, be natural and engaging. Be present.

Like a boy scout, be prepared Google the people you're interested in meeting. Look them up on Linked In. It's respectful and smart, and it's expected. It’s not stalking its business.

Be Positive Speak positively about your projects, without hard selling them.

Share your passion The Arts are an industry that doesn't do beige.

Put your phone away Have courage and confidence. Get out of your comfort zone.

Notice when something's working, and pull back when it's not Match and mirror the other person's communication style.

Don't be afraid to move on when an interaction is finished Graciously excuse yourself when you want to talk to someone else. Have your glass half full so you can always go to refill it.

Persistence is key. Remember rejection is just the universe redirecting you.

Practise your elevator pitch This involves introducing yourself and your project. Rehearse and refine. Like an actor, you can perfect this so it's smooth and effortless.
Write on the back of business cards and follow up Make notes and follow up, along with connecting on Linked In, this opens up further networks for you to engage with, which ultimately means more opportunity to engage.

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