Judith Bowtell at Albany Lane

Strategic coaching and consulting for arts leaders and organisations

Whether you’re an organisation or an individual, success in the arts and creative sector takes being strategic, reflective and resourceful.

At Albany Lane we offer workshops, one-on-one coaching and strategic consulting aimed at helping you and your organisation thrive.

If you’re in the arts, cultural or creative industries, we can tailor a program to whatever issues you are facing. 

Based on more than 20 years experience in arts management and policy development, we believe that three areas of focus are critical to success.

Developing authentic leaders

Becoming a great leader takes knowing yourself and your values, communicating powerfully, and inspiring and motivating others.

Whether you’re looking to further your own career or provide leadership development for your team, we can design a program specifically for your needs.

Building confidence and resourcefulness

Resilience, confidence and resourcefulness are critical to both personal career success and building a robust organisation.


Working with Albany Lane helps individuals and teams to become energised and open, build momentum, and address challenges head-on.

Becoming strategy-focused

No matter what your role is, being aware of the bigger picture increases your value to your organisation and makes you more effective.

Our programs focus on embedding strategic thinking in you and your team to enhance your capabilities around designing and implementing your vision, overcoming obstacles, uncovering opportunities and preparing for growth.

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Confidence Training

Confidence Training


We stumbled on a great piece this week about confidence and how the perception of your confidence, can effect promotions and opportunities coming your way. Nearly half of all new female employees aspire to top management but, within five years, only 16 per cent still hold that ambition; this compares with 34 per cent of men who begin their careers with aspirations that they will reach the top and remain so after two or more years of experience.

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3 Sure Fire Steps To Gaining Confidence

3 Sure Fire Steps To Gaining Confidence


If I had one wish, it would be that I could wave a magic wand and give people who tend to doubt themselves, all the confidence they deserve. Unfortunately life doesn't work like that and confidence is earned by taking risks and learning new skills. Your confidence can also gain a boost from getting some honest feedback from those around you. Whether it be by directly asking or by noticing the way others work with you and value your contribution. If you feel that your confidence has fallen a little bit lately, here are three sure fire ways to give you enough, to re-energise you and to move forward with your goals.

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Accelerate your Career  with Clarity and Confidence

Accelerate your Career with Clarity and Confidence


Accelerate your Career with Clarity and Confidence with Albany Lane's Weekend Career Retreat , 1.5 hours from Sydney in Bowral this June 15th & 16th. In one weekend, you will gain the insights that will empower you to make the changes in your working life, including going for that job you really want. Working with a small supportive group, you will uncover your values, strengths, and motivations. Creating a vision and underlying strategy to have the working life, flexibility and remuneration that you deserve.

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The Struggle is Real, and Valuable

The Struggle is Real, and Valuable


Nietzsche’s claim that “what does not kill me makes me stronger” has great intuitive appeal, and many of us believe that experiencing hardship and troubles can leave us in a better place than we were before. Scientists have become increasingly interested in studying the positive life changes that people report in the aftermath of highly stressful life events.

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