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Create an ideal working life: a values-led approach to getting more of what's important to you, every day, and at every moment

"Albany Lane coaching is the coaching you didn't know you needed"
Marlo Newton, Philanthropy specialist, educator, community activist



Assess your personal values, skills and sources of satisfaction, to get the whole picture of your working life



Create and clarify your vision of an ideal working life, that motivates and inspires you, at this stage in your career



Gain the confidence and skills to achieve your goals and expand your comfort zone, without anxiety and fear


Unlock your full potential with One-to-One Coaching with
Judith Bowtell

Coaching is more than just a way to accelerate your career development and get you out of a work-life slump. 


Are you feeling stuck in a rut at work, struggling to find meaning and fulfillment in your career? It's time to break free from the cycle of burnout and exhaustion with personalised coaching sessions designed to reignite your passion and purpose.

One-to-One coaching with Judith Bowtell goes beyond traditional career development strategies. It's a transformative experience that delves deep into your working life, helping you realign it with your personal values and aspirations. Experience increased satisfaction and tangible rewards as you tap into your innate creativity and unleash your full potential.

With a track record of success spanning various industries, including government, education, health, national cultural institutions, and international tech and media companies, Judith has empowered countless individuals to break free and rediscover the joy of work.

Australian workers are facing unprecedented levels of stress and exhaustion, leading many to consider drastic measures like career changes. But you don't have to settle for less ‚Äď take control of your career trajectory today and invest in your future happiness and success.

Don't let past experiences hold you back from the fulfilling present and bright future you deserve. Reach out to us now and start your journey towards a more satisfying and rewarding career today! 


"Whether it be a new job, a promotion, a new business, or a lifestyle change,
I am with you on the journey to create a working life that brings you joy."  

Judith Bowtell

Founder Albany Lane Consulting (2012)
Transpersonal Leadership and Career Coach 
Strategy, Policy and Government Adviser
Producer, Writer and Arts Manager 

Now host of our career coaching podcast Aligned & Thriving: Strategies for Work Life Balance 

Create Your Ideal Working Life

Embark on your coaching journey today and take the first step towards a more fulfilling and joyful work life.

Unleash your creativity with this transformative exercise, crafted to uncover what truly brings you happiness and satisfaction each day.

Whether you prefer writing, drawing, filming, or recording, this is your opportunity to capture those precious moments of joy and contentment.

Let your imagination run wild as you envision your ideal workday, from the moment you rise to the moment your head hits the pillow. Don't hold back ‚Äď dive deep and paint a vivid picture of your dream work life.


What our clients say.....

Embracing a true life-work balance was the key to this shift. By focusing on the lifestyle I wanted and my own values I was able to make a break with an unhealthy work-life. 

Rebecca Beare-Bath, NSW

Supportive, empathic, encouraging, hilarious, engaging...Albany Lane coaching is the coaching you didn't know you needed. It's tailored, and friendly yet holds you accountable.


Marlo Newton, VIC

An amazing support in the year of 2020 when everything else was so uncertain. While everything else felt like it was stalling and falling apart, Albany Lane was a fantastic partner in what was an amazing year of growth for me - thankyou!

Jessie Pangas, TAS

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