Create your ideal working life

Make positive changes, for a more satisfying and rewarding career




Assess your personal values, skills and sources of satisfaction, to get the whole picture of your working life



Create and clarify your vision of an ideal working life, that motivates and inspires you, at this stage in your career



Gain the confidence and skills to achieve your goals and expand your comfort zone, without anxiety and fear


You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled working life.
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"Whether it be a new job, a promotion, a new business, or a lifestyle change,
I am with you on the journey to create a working life that brings you joy."  

Judith Bowtell

Founder Albany Lane Consulting (2012)
Transpersonal Leadership and Career Coach 
Strategy, Policy and Government Adviser
Producer, Writer and Arts Manager 

Create Your Ideal Working Life

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This creative exercise is designed to find out what would make you happy and satisfied during each working day. 

You can write, draw, video or record your responses to the prompts - whatever works for you to capture those moments of joy and sastisfaction.  

Or you can just scribble some notes as you let your imagination describe the ideal working day, in detail from the moment you get up, to when you fall asleep. 


What our clients say.....

Embracing a true life-work balance was the key to this shift. By focusing on the lifestyle I wanted and my own values I was able to make a break with an unhealthy work-life. 

Rebecca Beare-Bath, NSW

Supportive, empathic, encouraging, hilarious, engaging...Albany Lane coaching is the coaching you didn't know you needed. It's tailored, and friendly yet holds you accountable.


Marlo Newton, VIC

An amazing support in the year of 2020 when everything else was so uncertain. While everything else felt like it was stalling and falling apart, Albany Lane was a fantastic partner in what was an amazing year of growth for me - thankyou!

Jessie Pangas, TAS

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