Well done on taking the first step to creating your ideal life. 

Completing "Create your ideal working ideal life"  is the first step in having a life that you love, fueled by work that satisfies you on all levels. 

I have used this tool with hundreds of clients who were able to create working lives that bring them happiness and fulfillment: creatively and financially. 

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You need to be moving to make change 

Sitting still and dreaming of a better future will not make it come true.
To build clarity and confidence, you need to be out in the world, making changes, taking risks. You need to be stepping outside your comfort zone... just a bit .... but you do need to do it. 

Otherwise you risk just going around in circles. 

And when the future is uncertain, making any change can be scary and you may want to stop at the first set-back. 

This is where I can support you: to get started, to learn how to make changes, to learn how to read the signs you need to make change, and how to reach your goals and make your dreams come true.

Some people can make the changes they need easily, yet many of us get stuck in situations that suck us dry creatively and sometimes financially. 

If that is you, then you may need a partner to work with you to get you "unstuck" and make your vision real. 

I have worked with hundreds of people - especially those with quirky, unconventional and creative careers - to make changes in their working lives and be happier, more fulfilled and more financially secure.  Sometimes to make huge leaps, sometimes a series of small strategic steps. 

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"I’ve never had coaching before, and Judith was so wonderfully
supportive, efficient, and fun"

Eugenie, Visual artist and disability advocate

"As your signature states - you have yet again brought me clarity and confidence!"

Samantha, Curator and Content Design / Service Design /CX

"Judith has the ability to effectively cut through a lot of my brain fog and get to the heart of what I am actually trying to express " 

Emily, Business founder and freelance copywriter


Delivered by Judith Bowtell of Albany Lane, bringing  her 20 years experience in the creative, community and government sectors, as well as a host of happy clients, from her eight years running Albany Lane.  

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