Wanting to feel more joy in your working life.....

....but don't know where to start?

Let me show you how to get to the heart of your work and lifestyle goals through a simple creative exercise

This FREE creative guide includes:

  • Step by step process to designing your ideal working day, from start to finish
  • Prompts to help you capture all the details that makes this lifestyle so desirable
  • Proven process that helps you describe what you want more than anything else out of work
  • Unexpected questions that help you get to what really makes you happy
  • A quick and easy way to start your journey to a more satisfying working-life that addresses ALL elements of your well being

Designed by specialist career and creative coach,
Judith Bowtell of Albany Lane Consulting, as featured on ABC Radio, W4WN Radio (Secret Success Stories), The Clyde Fitch Report (Arts & Politics), Arts Hub, Business Chicks and Coaching Life magazines

Get your creative mojo back by creating your ideal working life

"It has given me focus on where my future career is heading and how I can take charge of my destiny to be fulfilled and happy"

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