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Saying goodbye

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 27/01/2015   |   Categories: Career Development, Inspiration

Whether it be choosing a profession and studying for the qualifications, working on developing a business, or a creative pursuit – these ambitions are usually at the cost of something else you may have wanted in your life. But if you are changing career or way of working, you will come to a point where you let go of the old, and with it all it gave to you. Read more...

Give yourself permission to stop

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 20/01/2015   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Inspiration

Over the years I have found this three week break to have something magic about it. It is long enough to really feel like you are stepping away from a problem, giving yourself time to recover or recharge. But not so long that you feel you will lose contact with your goals and ambitions. Read more...

How to enjoy the road ahead – bumps and all

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 13/01/2015   |   Categories: Inspiration, Leadership

In work, business and life we will constantly come up against obstacles and challenges. Welcoming them as “messages from the gods” rather than a punishment or judgement gives us freedom to make choices and move on. Read more...

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