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Journey with my inner critic

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 27/05/2014   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Compassion, Inspiration, New Business

Our inner judge or critic is a powerful force to disturb our inner sense of balance. No matter what is happening in your outer world if there is a voice in your head that tells you something is wrong, you will struggle to maintain any sense of inner peace and calm. Read more...

When too many choices pull you off balance

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 20/05/2014   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Decision Making, Inspiration, Intuition

It is OK to know what you want to and to take action to get it, but you will be happier if you can learn to accept the world as it is and that you can be satisfied with what is in front of you. That is not the same as just accepting or putting up with any old thing, but rather trusting that at any time you will have exactly the right options from which to choose. Read more...

Finding balance in our busy lives

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 13/05/2014   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Career Development, Coaching, Inspiration, Making change, Mindfulness

Bringing your life into balance is often not about adding more activities into your life or stopping any one thing. It is more about learning the life skills to be present with whatever is going on in your life at any moment, and then looking within to see what needs to shift to increase your satisfaction. Read more...

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