Leadership Development

Working in the arts means working in an environment that is both creative and collaborative, as well as being highly-competitive and often resource-constrained.

Our programs recognise this environment, and are tailored to develop leaders that are:

  • Authentic and self-aware
  • Powerful and inspirational communicators
  • Resourceful and creative problem-solvers
  • Confident and resilient
  • Strategic and thoughtful
  • Entrepreneurial and open to opportunities

Our work is based on Judith Bowtell’s extensive experience as an executive coach and mentor, and 20 years experience in leadership roles in arts funding, strategy and management across government and large and small arts organisations.

These programs are suitable for both accomplished leaders seeking to extend their reach and influence and emerging and aspiring leaders facing new challenges in their careers.   We specialise in working with new CEOs and senior executives to give them the best chance of success.  

Case Studies

Libby Varcoe

Albany Lane has been working with Libby as she was transitioning through a career and life mid-point.

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Megan Barlow

Albany Lane recently worked with Megan as she set up her new business venture.

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