Growing Your Arts Organisation

Working in the arts, it’s easy to fall into an endless cycle of fundraising, grant writing and acquittals.

If you’re sick of the hamster wheel, working with Albany Lane will help you or your leadership team take a proactive approach to diversifying your income streams, revamping your business model and creating a new, more effective revenue strategy.

Over her career, Judith Bowtell of Albany Lane has personally raised over $30million for arts organisations and programs from government and allied sources.  

Based on this experience, she can work with you to develop a business model that promotes strategic and sustainable growth. 

Our six-week program is designed to have you:

  • Review your current activities and artistic program
  • Define your market position and competitive advantage
  • Analyse the opportunities for growth
  • Develop strategies and action plans utilising your existing resources
  • Get into action and build momentum
  • Get on track to deliver a positive financial return and fund further innovation and expansion.

Case Studies

Megan Barlow

Albany Lane recently worked with Megan as she set up her new business venture.

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Emily Boyd

Emily worked with Albany Lane for six months as she took up a new leadership role in her company. This included an intensive "vision-setting" process to shape her aspirations and dreams.

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