Libby Varcoe

Albany Lane has been working with Libby as she was transitioning through a career and life mid-point.

Project Details

What did you want to gain from coaching?

Having reached a mid-point in my career (and life) I was keen to get some perspective on what I had achieved, and how this applied to the future. I was interested in exploring and becoming comfortable with the notion of carrying more seniority and authority in my work, but felt unsure how to do this.

What did you learn during the experience?

A lot! Judith worked with me to create more faith in my own abilities and develop the capacity to recognise new opportunities and turn them into something real. She also helped me connect to my core values and make the link between who I am, how I operate and who and what I attract. I found this enormously valuable and quite liberating.  It really helped me understand my rank and value in both my professional life and personal.

 What did your coach add to your development?

I think Judith’s ability to really listen and connect to what I was saying in between the lines was amazing. I like to think of myself as pretty self-aware, but Judith really pointed out my blind spots which gave me something to work on, and felt like a kind of release. It made me feel excited about what’s possible and what potentially lies ahead.

What was the most difficult thing about coaching?

Nothing really. Initially I was worried about the time commitment, as I juggle full-time work with young kids, but I got so much value from our weekly sessions that I made a big effort to set that time aside. I got a great return on investment - half an hour a week with Judith put a lot of petrol in my tank!

What have you noticed has changed or developed since you have been coached?

On the tangible side, I feel like I have a few new ‘life templates’ – realistic action plans that combine the intellectual with the emotional and spiritual - that I can apply to different situations. Emotionally I feel really positive about bringing on some professional changes – without feeling overwhelmed which is how I would have felt in the past. I’ve also got a little better at rewarding myself and recognising that self-care is just as important as caring for others.

Libby Varcoe, 44

Digital Content Strategist
Write Minded

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