Emily Boyd

Emily worked with Albany Lane for six months as she took up a new leadership role in her company. This included an intensive "vision-setting" process to shape her aspirations and dreams.

Project Details

What did I want to gain?

When I started my six month coaching journey with Judith, I had recently completed a coaching diploma, and was trying to understand what was going to come of a number of opportunities and developments that had begun to arise in my career and personal life. There was a lot on my plate, so to speak, but rather than feeling excited, I was rather unsettled.

To be honest I didn't know exactly what I wanted to gain, but I was confident that Judith's coaching style was the support I needed to help move forward through this crucial time.

What soon became clear was that I was looking for clarity, confidence, and a sense of commitment throughout what was set to be an important six months.

What did your coach add to your development?

Judith has a calm yet firm strength to her coaching style which is extremely assuring and empowering for me. Her capacity to listen and be present to what is arising in the moment is a real strength. Judith has the ability to effectively cut through a lot of my brain fog and get to the heart of what I am actually trying to express - which I'm sure must have been an extremely challenging task at times! But for me it was absolutely crucial to being able to move forward and gain confidence and clarity in myself, and my path.

What have you noticed has changed or developed since you have been coached?

Judith's ongoing support, and the space she creates, is invaluable. For me, the vision exercise was a real turning point. Any form of 'Goal-setting' has always been a struggle for me and I have tended to avoid it, but exploring my vision with Judith was a very different experience. Judith's ability to create a supportive space for deep reflection, big picture visioning and creative thinking was really helpful. After a combination of both verbal and visual exercises, my 'vision' began to take form in a way I had never experienced it before. What further surprised me was the impact of looking back at it in a reflection session with Judith three months later, and seeing an even deeper meaning and relevance than I had realised at the time.


Emily Boyd, 35
Training Manager 

Powerful Points

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