Career Change

At Albany Lane we’ve supported many people through the process of redesigning and recreating their working lives, many of them aspiring and accomplished leaders in the arts.

Stop wishing for a better working life and start planning for one. Even if you’re not ready to change jobs right now, it’s never too early to start taking the strategic steps that will ultimately lead you to your dream role. In fact, the sooner you get started the better!

We believe that there are three essential elements for career development and satisfaction:

  • Discovering your authentic self: Becoming successful and satisfied in your career takes more than wishful thinking.  Our work is based on: knowing yourself, your values, motivation and personal goals.
  • Being confident and resourceful: Resilience, confidence and resourcefulness are critical to building a successful career.  We support you throughout your journey to be energised, motivated and open to new opportunities.
  • Becoming strategic:  Successful careers are built on being well positioned and ready to grow. Our programs help you to create an inspiring vision, know what you offer and what you want, and have a roadmap for that next step. 

Case Studies

Megan Barlow

Albany Lane recently worked with Megan as she set up her new business venture.

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Emily Boyd

Emily worked with Albany Lane for six months as she took up a new leadership role in her company. This included an intensive "vision-setting" process to shape her aspirations and dreams.

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