Who is responsible for your career?

Author:   |   Date: 06/06/2018   |   Categories: Career Development, Coaching, Decision Making, Making change

One of my mantras is that no-one is responsible for your career development except you – not your boss, your mum or your significant other.  Whilst your career can be boosted by the support of coaches, mentors and sponsors, the one driving the bus is always YOU.

Once you accept this, you are ready to increase your chances of securing the type of work you really want to do, with the kind of opportunities you want to experience. However without the core competencies of career development under your belt, professional growth and satisfaction will, without a lot of luck and good karma, stay beyond your reach.

Core competencies of career development for any stage of your working life include: 

Self-awareness –  understanding who you are beyond a job description or creative practice: your core strengths, motivations, values
Resourcefulness – developing confidence to take risks, grow your networks, and find new places to work (and play)
Strategic thinking – setting goals, being adaptable, navigating change and creating opportunities.

The good news is that anyone can develop these core career development skills – be you a recent graduate or a mid-career professional.  

The even better news is that you can develop these skills in a way that best suits you – that aligns with your core values and commitments in life; that supports what is important to you. 

So you don’t need to compromise yourself or “sell-out” to have a great career using your creative or management skills.   But you do need to master the basic skill-set.

Give me a call about how having an experienced coach can help you develop these skills – and transform your working life so that it meets ALL your needs:  purpose, lifestyle, health and financial stability. 

You only have one shot at life – so make the most of all the resources available to you to be happy and make your unique impact in the world.

We all can do it.  We just need to take a first step forward.

If you would like to discuss coaching options with Albany Lane, please send an enquiry.

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