When will you have enough?

Author:   |   Date: 11/11/2014   |   Categories: Career Development,

Have you been given that Facebook challenge to list the 10 books that have influenced you or changed your life? Much less confronting then the Ice Bucket challenge, but still it gets you thinking.

I must admit I have not been able to complete my list, but there is one book that would stand out for me and that is Lynne Twist’s The Soul of Money. It’s a wonderful book that explores our relationship with money, and to our concepts of success.

One of the key concepts of the book is that of sufficiency. Rather than fearing scarcity or seeking abundance, she suggests that we have the opportunity to consider our own fortune as sufficient. 

It made me think, how much do we really need – not just of material possessions, but of the other “things” we are taught to seek in life.  Feelings of success, satisfaction, happiness: how much is enough?

What I have noticed in my own journey and working with clients is that there comes a time when the old goals and measures of success are no longer meaningful, and we start seeking something else. We no longer seek more duties, responsibilities, tasks and things to do. I know I took the opportunity to step away from that path, because it no longer felt right.

When we realise that we already have “enough” – success, responsibility, importance – we can start to explore what else is out there for us.

This is the point when we let go of what we know about ourselves and move out into unknown waters.

This is when it gets exciting – and a little scary.

Because we still need enough – enough security and support to see us through – but trying to have too much will just hold us back.

So if you are feeling that the old goals of life are no longer motivating or energising – maybe it’s because you now have enough and you are ready to look for something else to make your life worthwhile.

We are coming up to a time of the year when you might want to reconsider your goals and roles that you play in life. I encourage you to spend some of that time reflecting on where you might already have sufficient and no longer need to pursue those goals.

Instead, take a pause and let your heart speak to you of its “hidden desires’’ – those whispers of things undone that might be wanting to come to light.

You do not have to do anything about these thoughts – really not one thing – but you might want to give them a little space now and then. 

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