What Makes You Tick?

Author:   |   Date: 01/01/2019   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Coaching, Leadership, Leading in crisis, Making change, Mindfulness

The rewards of living a life in line with your values and character strengths are in: using your strengths on a daily basis improves your quality of life 3x and your engagement at work by 8x.
Finding new ways to express yourself, in line with your core values and character strengths, positively impacts your life even more.
Understanding if you are motivated more by honesty, creativity, adventure or happiness is the first step to finding a working life that works for you AND for developing new paradigms of working and leading, and means we all work better!
In 2019, take some time to identify your strengths and values, reflect on how much you spent this year in line with your strengths, and take a trip to the future about how you could find new ways to express these qualities.
Our values and strengths really are our superpowers - and the more you see this reflection of yourself - the more confidence and courage you will have to change, and the more of the good stuff in life will be yours.
That's a promise.....for everyone, at every age and every stage.
And to help you find this path, we here at Albany Lane are upping our game in 2019 and will be running more and more flexible coaching programs for you including:

Seasonal weekend retreats in the most beautiful parts of NSW and Victoria, where you can take the time to relax, re-focus and create a personal development strategy that works for you.
Group coaching with your peers and one-to-one follow up with me to keep you on your path.
One-to-one coaching for career and leadership development to have you succeed in your current role as well as your next role.
Our programs will be supported by experts in all fields of career and personal development, allowing a creative approach that is unique to Albany Lane.

And as always they are evidence-based, including our own research into what makes a fulfilling life - and what gets in our way.

If you are interested in our retreats or group coaching, please send an email to sacha@albanylane.com.au to register for more information, including early bird registration details.

If you would like to discuss coaching options with Albany Lane, please send an enquiry.

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