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Author:   |   Date: 28/02/2019   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Coaching, Decision Making, Making change, Mindfulness

When working out what you want to get from coaching, it is great to first review your entire life and see what’s working for you now and what needs a bit of attention.   

Make 10-15 minutes for yourself, with cup of tea or similar, some of your favourite music if you want, and a pen or pencil to capture your findings.   

This is your time – so make it personal and special. 

Look at the wheel and consider each of the 10 domains in turn.  

As you do – check in how you are feeling about each domain RIGHT NOW IN THIS MOMENT and give yourself a rating out of 10. 

When rating remember that  0 is the feeling of “nada, zilch, zero, valley of death etc”  – 10 is “this is great, could not be happier, woohoo” feeling.   

Remember – be gentle and suspend judgement for this bit.  Nothing is “wrong”.  We are just collecting information.  

Then join up the dots and consider the ‘shape’ of your wheel.  You are more than likely going to see a few kinks, which might explain why life is feeling a bit bumpy right now. 

If an area looks full and happy – give thanks and appreciation for that and everyone and thing that contributes to that feeling.   

If an area looks a bit empty or not where you want it to be – give thanks and appreciation for that information and allow that space to just rest for now. 


Then take a moment and consider these questions about each domain where you want something new or changed. 

  • If I could wave a magic wand and have something changed or new in my life tomorrow, what would it be?  That is if change or new things could happen in your life with no cost, time or effort on your behalf, with no negative impact on anyone you care about, and even if it is something you have long thought impossible or impractical – what would it make possible in your life.   
  • What would my life look like if that happened?  Think about this in full technicolour detail to create a rich and resonating vision. 
  • What would my life look like 3 months from now if nothing happened, 6 months, 12 months, 2 years etc?  Don’t freak out but really consider the benefit of doing something for yourself (and your loved ones) NOW rather than in the future. 
  • What is getting in the way of making that change?  Make a list and then look at each reason individually.  
  • Then, finally and this is the most important bit – ask yourself honestly and truthfully, are the reasons that stop you making change worth holding on to in your life, what do they give to you that you do not want to lose?  Then, what are they costing you and is it perhaps time to explore how to move on?


Making change can be hard and scary – especially when it means giving up something old that has been holding you back.   So make sure you have support around you to hold your vision with you and gently challenge you to create the life you choose to live.

Download the pdf here to complete the exercise

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