Taking little steps

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We recently installed some black out blinds in our bedroom. We live on a busy street so it makes sense to block out as much street light and noise as possible. 

However, this has made the room much darker, so when I get up early or in the middle of the night it takes a little while to negotiate my way out of the room.

While I know that there is a door, hallway and way forward, at the point of waking I cannot see the path clearly.  I need to take little steps and feel my way, to make sure I don’t trip over shoes, blankets or the dog. 

Sometimes I feel like that is how we need to be when we are changing something about ourselves and our lives. We are committed to finding a way ahead, but we need to lake little steps and feel our way, rather than charging straight forward.

Taking little steps allows for adjustment and refinement, for learning and reflection. It can keep fears in check and allows change to be integrated into our lives. Little steps move us forward to our goals, without forcing us to let go of support that might still serve us.

Little steps allow us to experiment with new knowledge and practices, testing and experimenting a new way of being. We can try something out without great risk of looking foolish, and gain confidence in being more assertive, flexible or compassionate.

Moving forward in little steps allows us to take on bigger tasks without being overwhelmed and stuck.  Research, investigation, learning are all little steps that take us forward to bigger goals like moving house or improving our wellbeing. 

And when the goal is not clear, little steps are all we can take to move us away from the situation we do not like, such as a job or working life that pulls you down.  Just because you do not know what you want to do next, does not mean you can’t start the journey one small step at a time.

Little steps build over time to get you from one place to the other, and give you time to find out more about the world and yourself.

Little steps are often the best way to go.

And it’s better than falling over the dog.  

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