Megan Barlow

Author:   |   Date: 30/03/2015   |   Categories: Leadership, New Business, Strategic Planning

What did you want to gain from coaching?

I gained clarity of what I really wanted from my business and what was stopping me moving forward. I gain the confidence and belief in myself to take the steps forward and to trust the process. I gained patience to look at what was happening and cut myself some slack. I gained a centeredness in myself that is where I want to live.

What did you learn during the experience?

I learned that I really do have all that I need already within. I just needed to move the furniture around a bit inside to make the picture clearer and to see what was in the way. 

What did your coach add to your development?

Everything. The guidance. The right questions. The support. The sacred space. I could not have been on this journey alone, my coach was the other side of the coin that made this happen.

What have you noticed has changed or developed since you have been coached?

Profound changes have taken place. I have the tools to immediately go back to my centre and be calm and positive. I am more at ease with my path and my business and what I have to do this year. I still get nervous and feel out of my depth but I have the simple tools to bring me back to my core being and to face the task from a place of love not fear. 

What was the most surprising thing about coaching?

All of it. I thought it would be about business planning but it was much more. It was about how I think and feel and about the blockages that I have that are holding me back. A business plan would have been no good if I still had all the blocks in the way.

What will you leave behind and what will you take forward from the coaching experience?

Behind me is the fear of what I could be and the fear of failing. I move forward with centredness and calm and focus and belief in myself.

This coaching process with Judith was profound. Judith was respectful, gentle and guiding in her manner and words. I always felt like I was in safe hands as I faced the blocks in my way and took them down one by one. She is a phenomenal coach and I could not have gone through this process without her supportive guidance. 


Megan Barlow, 39

Founder, The Acting Experience

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