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Author:   |   Date: 04/07/2019   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Career Development, Coaching, Decision Making, Making change, New Business, Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning for Solo Entrepreneurs
For more clarity and increased confidence in your working life.

Who is it for?
- Sole traders, entrepreneurs, including independent artists
- Hobbyists and side hustlers, wanting to take their passion project full-time
- Anyone who wants to do less, but achieve more
- Anyone trying to break old habits in their working life, which hold them back
- Anyone who is trying to make decisions about resources and outsourcing
- Anyone who wants to increase how much they make in the next financial year
Why do this program?

Being overwhelmed, overworked and overtired is the common state of being for solo entrepreneurs, particularly working in creative practice. However, it does not need to be that way.

I have developed a set of simple yet effective tools to help you unpack your business, at whatever stage it is, and allow you to step back and see it objectively.
The tools are especially effective for creative workers, as they use visualisation, imagery and break down business development concepts for non-business brains.
That doesn’t mean we just skim the surface – if anything they allow you to go deeper as it takes away the jargon and barriers to really making the most out of your business.

What will you achieve?

My aim is that everyone in the six week program will better understand their business or practice, and will understand and clarify:
- Your motivations for doing your own work and what you love about it
- Your strengths, resources and areas for development
- Your weaknesses, blind-spots or areas for outsourcing
- Your goals for next 12 months (financial year 2019-2020)
- Your underlying financial model
- Your priority areas for change in next 6-12 months, and strategies for success
How does it work?

Each week on Wednesday, I will present a new tool or concept that will help you better understand and unpack your business or practice. You will have time to ask questions in our online discussion group on the Thursday and then we will have a group coaching session, later the following week on the Tuesday. You will have a weekend to ingest and complete any exercises.

The online presentations and group discussions will be scheduled Tuesday and Thursday, 1pm to 2pm – however it will all be recorded and available for the online group.

Find the course & payment details via the Albany Lane events page on facebook.


If you would like to discuss coaching options with Albany Lane, please send an enquiry.

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