Is it that time of the year already?

Author:   |   Date: 01/11/2019   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Compassion, Intuition, Making change, Mindfulness

Like mince pies at Woollies, the signs of Christmas and the end of the year come earlier and earlier.  Or does it?

Now I'm not a scientist, but I am pretty sure that time works the same ALL THE TIME, so the end of year "speed up" is as much a creation of our minds as the Santa stories we tell our children. 

What changes of course is our relationship to time. Some where about August/September we begin to treat time as a scarcity and so it needs to be grabbed and crammed full of as much activity as we can, so that we can achieve all our goals by the end of the year. 

Life speeds up at a rapid pace until 25 December as we jam in projects and proposals and parties: nothing wrong with that but what starts as a feeling of increased productivity can become counter-productive, and even dangerous, if we dont remember to rest, recover and breathe.  (See new blog piece on my personal experiences of burnout below). 

One thing we can do is observe how we start to describe time as we get int the last quarter of the year. I read recently that a mother noticed her young child saying "my goodness this year has gone fast" and realised that her language and behaviour had taught her that her childhood was quickly disappearing.  

We construct our realities, so the rush to the end of the year is also an outcome of our language and paradigms. 

If you want more time, just notice how many times you refer to time as a scarce resource and if you can stop yourself and say something else - how beautiful is it that spring is here; I love the warm afternoons and cool mornings; more daylight feels more expansive some how - like anything is possible. 

It may feel awkward to begin with - but notice if something begins to change in your personal and working life. 

In that way maybe we can move a bit easier through these last wonderful months of 2019, and not be stressed and tensed up until January when we give ourselves permission to relax again?

So rather than racing to the end of the year with the rally cry of "didn't the year go fast" - end it with appreciation for the special rhythms of spring and early summer in the southern hemisphere or whatever is going on around you. 

Each day has 24 hours after all - whether it is now or next year.


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