Five years can seem like a long time when you are creating a vision for the future

Author:   |   Date: 20/03/2019   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Coaching, Leadership, Making change, Strategic Planning

Five years can seem like a long time when you are creating a vision for the future - yet it can seem like just yesterday that I started on the journey that is Albany Lane. 

Five years ago, I started with the idea of sharing a bit of inspiration with a few colleagues and friends, and now we have a monthly newsletter for clients and the Albany Lane community.  

The idea was always to inspire us to approach our working lives with courage and compassion - to be open to new opportunities and gentle on ourselves as we found our ways down new and different paths.  

To speak with an authentic voice, to focus on our strengths and true loves, to give up the "shoulds" of career development and instead tune into what inspires you to get out of bed in the morning. 

To take a risk, to reach out to new people, to seek support and challenge any of those self-sabotaging thoughts that want to keep you stuck.  

I hope that you have found some confidence in knowing that there are many others finding their ways in the world, that none of us have the "magic formula", but most of us are willing to share and give a helping hand.  

I am filled with gratitude for everyone that has commented, shared, clicked and appreciated having some Inspiration in your Inbox.   I thank all of my many clients over the five years - individuals and organisations.  I have learnt so much that I could write a book (and maybe I will!) 

I liken coaching to making some bubbles in your unconscious world so that you can see what is sitting there to be uncovered.  So let's share some bubbles and celebrate your own journey over the past five years - and here's cheers to the next five. 

If you would like to discuss coaching options with Albany Lane, please send an enquiry.

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