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Author:   |   Date: 21/10/2014   |   Categories: Balancing work and life,

Maybe it’s the beginning of spring, maybe it’s a bit of warm weather, maybe it’s just time for a holiday. Whatever it is, I have found myself to be a bit less focused, a bit less organised than usual.

Now nothing major has slipped through the cracks, but I feel a loosening of the normal drive to “get things done”. I have not missed any appointments or deadlines, but I have been a bit out of touch with what’s on each day. My life feels like it is on cruise control. I am there at the wheel, but not really in charge. It ticks over, and I can enjoy the scenery, waiting until we reach a point that I need to make a change or choose another direction.

Now this is not unreasonable place to be, as I have experienced a lot of internal and external change in the last couple of years. Ending one way of working, studying, setting up my own business are all big steps to take. I have also started meditating, reflecting, writing with my own voice: becoming more aware of inner world and understandings. I have had a few old things I needed to come to terms with and let go about myself and how I thought the world would be.

It is time perhaps to consolidate what I have done, give myself some breathing room, and sit back and enjoy the ride. So I have: I have been reading for fun, catching up with friends, literally smelling the roses that are blooming for the first time in our front yard. 

Yet I know that this time cannot last forever. Neither would I want it to. Even though it is pleasant to sit back for a while, I do not want to lose focus and momentum forever.

But I do wonder what will bring the motivation or inspiration for me to get back into the driving seat, take the wheel and move into the next stage of my work and life.

One of the reasons to accelerate or change course would be coming up against an obstacle or challenge. At that point I have the choice on how to deal with the problem or challenge: tackle it head on, analyse it, or avoid it altogether. Or I can acknowledge it and let it be, until I am in the right place and have the internal and external resources to engage with it.

Our resistance to change can be phenomenal. Sometimes we need to let go and walk away for a little while to get some perspective, new ideas or energy. We need to reconnect to the inspiration, motivation and commitment we have to our own development or evolution, and that means being open to change.

So how do we connect to that inspiration or motivation, when it seems out of reach? How do we get back in the game or back in the driver’s seat? How do we find the commitment and determination to do the work that needs to be done?

Well funnily enough, in all my playing around over the last few weeks, I have come to realise that there is a great source of inspiration and motivation just sitting there waiting for us.

And that is love. Read more

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