Ever woken up and realised you don't want to go to work - not just today but ever again.

Author:   |   Date: 15/10/2018   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Coaching, Decision Making, Intuition, Making change, Mindfulness

Kasey Edwards described this experience in her very funny and insightful memoir - Thirty-Something and Over It. Her experience led her to reconnect to her love of writing and making a new path into that and other worlds.

Others hide the feeling as a momentary blip and keep working through - needing to pay bills, mortgages and keep eating is a motivating force. But the physical and mental energy of forcing yourself to work for 20,30 or 40 years will be taking a toll.   

I know I dreamt of the day I could take some time out from work...and at the age of 45 a few things aligned financially and I got that chance. It took a few steps through part-time work, interim contracts etc - but finally, I had my chance to just be me ..... on a weekday. 

The steps were an incredibly important part for me - going from 110kph to zero with no direction set can send you spinning. So I gradually geared down by reducing my old work commitments over 12 months or more, whilst I worked on developing some new steps into a different working life.

For me, this new working life was retraining in transpersonal coaching (a journey in itself) and establishing my own company. This took a good 18 months to work out, and I have been continuing to shape Albany Lane over the last five years to be of value to the community and sustain me financially. 

It has been a series of experiments, including some detours and a few dead-ends. But when I look back this has been the longest "job" I have ever held and one that will take me into my next stage of working life. 

I know I was fortunate to have the financial window to not work for six months or more - but having worked since I was 15, I needed that time to re-energise and reconnect to my sense of purpose in the world. 

So if you feel that you need to change things fundamentally in your working life, particularly if you are moving one stage to another, consider taking a step back, sideways or even out of your current working life so that you have the time to look around you. 

Even if it just saying NO to one opportunity, role or project, carve out some space for yourself before you reach the point of burnout and your future is narrowed to a dark place of survival. 

Not wanting to get out of bed is fine for one day - but please ask for help before making it a permanent lifestyle choice. 

Judith Bowtell of Albany Lane is an executive, emerging leader and career coach based in Sydney Australia.

She is an expert in supporting the development of people, at any age and at any stage, using a values-centred approach to professional and career development.

If you want to know about what I do go to and how it can help you have the working life of your dreams: check out www.albanylane.com.au

If you would like to discuss coaching options with Albany Lane, please send an enquiry.

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