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Author:   |   Date: 14/02/2019   |   Categories: Career Development, Coaching, Decision Making, Intuition, Making change

We stumbled on a great piece this week about confidence and  how  the perception of your confidence, can effect promotions and opportunities coming your way.

Nearly half of all new female employees aspire to top management but, within five years, only 16 per cent still hold that ambition; this compares with 34 per cent of men who begin their careers with aspirations that they will reach the top and remain so after two or more years of experience.

Women, on average, experience lower levels of professional confidence compared with men.  women are ofte women hesitant to speak up at work,  or have a reluctance to put themselves forward for promotions or stretch assignments, or worry that they will fail,  they speak of their insecurities regarding being not ‘good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, strong enough’......

Head over to to read the article. 

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