Authentic leadership – how to live a life of meaning and purpose

Author:   |   Date: 01/04/2014   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Career Development, Leadership, New Business

Throughout my working life I have been drawn to people who want to make a unique contribution – be it through creative projects, social enterprise, education and training or public service.

I have worked with makers of festivals, performances, television and film; founders of projects for social change; developers of policies and programs that support our community; sole traders and entrepreneurs creating unique and innovative services. Many of these would not have been seen as “leaders” in being CEOs or senior managers, but they all share a quality of wanting to make a difference, stepping up and making something happen. 

This has given me a wonderfully diverse working life and the opportunity to support the work of many inspiring and unique individuals. It challenged me, overwhelmed me and made me question my values. But it also brought me insight and deeper understanding, of myself and others.

Through coaching, I continue to work with people who want to live a life of meaning and purpose, in a way that is true to them. Because of their commitment my clients often are or inspire to be leaders – be it in organisations or in creating their own enterprise. They are willing to make an investment in coaching to better understand themselves and create a life that satisfies their unique needs.

However these talented individuals sometimes suppress or lose touch with their natural leadership qualities due to fears of being overwhelmed by responsibility, of being criticised and judged, or of losing what they have created so far. They may feel weighed down by others expectations or not qualified to step out and be seen as a leader in their field. They are denying themselves the rewards of leadership, not just financially, but in living satisfying and fulfilling lives.

And we are all poorer for it. Without the contribution of leaders who stepped up when they felt the call we would not have the social and creative innovations that enrich our lives. It takes bold vision, the ability to recruit resources, the talent and skill to work with others, and the willingness to be responsible. It also takes the awareness and openness to ask for and gracefully accept support and contributions, and to let others be the best of themselves.

Being an authentic leader is one way to live a life of meaning and purpose: a life that is aligned with your unique values, satisfies your inherent needs, and to make a lasting contribution to the world.

How do I become an authentic leader in my own life?

I believe transpersonal coaching is the most effective way of developing and supporting the authentic, creative and inspiring individuals that I want to lead the institutions, businesses and enterprises that shape our lives.

At its essence, transpersonal coaching connects you with your authentic self and supports you to bring that way of being into your world. It begins with your current experience, we dive in, something emerges, we sit with it, the insight “pops” and the world is never the same again.

As a form of coaching it is very powerful, especially for those wanting to create new things in their life: new ways of working, new business opportunities, new ways of balancing the many and competing commitments of our lives.

I have written a series of short articles that describes the process, based on my experience of coaching and being coached. Over the next five weeks, these will support you in deciding if transpersonal coaching is something you want to experience, and how it might fit with your own development and potentail for leadership.

I hope that these will inspire you to consider your own journey and the possibility of creating a new vision for your life.

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