Funding cuts - stay calm and prepare for change

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 10/01/2016   |   Categories: Fundraising, Inspiration, Leadership, Leading in crisis, Making change, Strategic Planning

This year nearly every small to mid-size arts company will be impacted by the decisions being made by the Australia Council and other funding bodies around organisation and project funding. There is little to be gained from general anxiety or panic, but if you are in a leadership role you need to acknowledge, understand and communicate the reality of the situation. Read more...

Five immediate wins from creating your own career plan

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 08/01/2016   |   Categories: Career Development, Inspiration

If you work in the arts you can miss out on some of the benefits of corporate life, like a professional development plan. However the benefit of creating your own career plan is that you are not stuck with meeting others expectations and goals and have the freedom to create a strategy that meets your personal dreams and desires. Read more...

Five ways you can develop your resilience even when life is crap

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 18/12/2015   |   Categories: Career Development, Compassion, Inspiration

It's been a horror week in Australian arts scene, and more pain to come. So what can you do to recover and survive when life turns to pooh? Press pause on your problems, be grateful, generous and kind, and allow yourself to walk away at the time it all seems too much. Read more...

Fresh start in 2016 – time to move beyond wishful thinking

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 06/12/2015   |   Categories: Career Development, Inspiration, Making change

Whether you’re an aspiring or accomplished leader, success in the arts takes being strategic, reflective and resourceful. In this high pressure and ever-changing environment, having a road map for your journey will help you stay focused and proactive, regardless of the circumstances within your organisation or the wider industry. If you’re ready to get on the front foot with your career, join Albany Lane for this one-day workshop and gain the space, clarity and tools that will help you design the next steps in your career in the arts. Read more...

10 steps to diversify your income and win the fundraising game

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 03/12/2015   |   Categories: Fundraising, Inspiration, Leadership, Strategic Planning

Government policy (and common sense) dictates that you “diversify” your income streams, encouraging you to develop new strategic partnerships and relationships. Each of which takes time and resources to manage. However, without the capacity and skills in house, most small arts organisations (or even a mid-size operations) are often knocked out of the party before you even get started. Read more...

Worker bee or inspiring leader

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 15/11/2015   |   Categories: Coaching, Leadership

Leadership is a different game from managing and doing. It is a way of being much more than a job title. Being a leader is about being willing to change yourself and others, as well as the world around you. If that excites and inspires you, create a little space and begin to explore the opportunities around you. Read more...

Do's and Don'ts of working with boards

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 07/11/2015   |   Categories: Inspiration, Leadership

If you are a leader (or aspiring leader) of an arts or not-for-profit organisation, you will be working with a board of directors. They can be your best asset or your worst nightmare. Based on more than 20 years of seeing boards from every angle, here are my top tips to strenghen this critical working relationship. Read more...

Risks of being over-programmed

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 01/11/2015   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Coaching, Strategic Planning

Are you worried about burning out? Do you answer “busy” whenever anyone asks you how you are? Do you regularly work weekends and nights and eat lunch (if you get it) at your desk? Have you forgotten what it is like to have time to rest, reflect and simply play? Then you are probably “over-programmed”? Read more...

How to be strategic when applying for funding

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 17/10/2015   |   Categories: Fundraising, Inspiration, Leadership, Strategic Planning

Applying for funding is part and parcel of working in the arts. Here is how to be smart in making your grant applications: strategic, simple and with plenty of space. Read more...

How to move forward with ease

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 10/07/2015   |   Categories: Career Development, Compassion, Inspiration, Making change

Sometimes when we try to move forward, we see an opportunity that seems too good to miss. We rush forward but for some reason we don’t quite make it. Read more...

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