How to be strategic when applying for funding

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 17/10/2015   |   Categories: Fundraising, Inspiration, Leadership, Strategic Planning

Applying for funding is part and parcel of working in the arts. Here is how to be smart in making your grant applications: strategic, simple and with plenty of space. Read more...

How to move forward with ease

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 10/07/2015   |   Categories: Career Development, Compassion, Inspiration, Making change

Sometimes when we try to move forward, we see an opportunity that seems too good to miss. We rush forward but for some reason we don’t quite make it. Read more...

Taking stock - numbers or values

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 01/07/2015   |   Categories: Inspiration, Leadership

It need not take long to review your performance but there is value on taking regular stock. Even when working alone (maybe even more so) we need to step back and assess: where are we now, and then where do we want to go. Read more...

Why I invest in developing self-compassion

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 14/04/2015   |   Categories: Compassion, Inspiration

Having a sense of self-compassion means I can be with the bumps in the road that life brings: the worries, stresses and frustrations we all experience from time to time. It does not make these things magically go away, but it does make it easier to be with them and find a way forward. Read more...

Make some space to celebrate

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 30/03/2015   |   Categories: Inspiration, Making change

In creating any change in our lives, there are steps to take, but sometimes we need to wait a while to find the next way forward. In these times it can seem that nothing is happening, and it is easy and understandable to become uncertain, frustrated or afraid. Read more...

What are the signs that you need to change?

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 24/03/2015   |   Categories: Inspiration, Intuition

Regularly losing your keys, temper or friends are all signs that something is up in your life. The problem is we sometimes ignore the subtle early warning signs that something is up, and wait for the major calamity to wake us up. Read more...

Being active in a healthy paradigm

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 18/03/2015   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Inspiration

How goes your new year's promise to exercise more? Here is some straight forward and compassionate support from one of my favourite bloggers, Jodie Mechielsen (A Healthy Paradigm) written just for Albany Lane. Read more...

Confidence, courage or commitment

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 10/03/2015   |   Categories: Compassion, Inspiration, Leadership

What is really geting in the way of success and satisfaction: confidence, courage or commitment? Or is there something else missing that we need to develop? Read more...

Hidden Treasures

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 24/02/2015   |   Categories: Compassion, Inspiration, Mindfulness

If I could give a wish to every woman for upcoming International Women’s Day it would be that we spend part the day just quietly with ourselves, listening to what we really want to tell ourselves, as our best friend and ally. We do not need to DO anything about what we hear, we just need to listen. Read more...

Chairs, bears and the rule of three

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 17/02/2015   |   Categories: Decision Making, Inspiration

By making choices and acting on them, you are asserting your ability to create what you want with what you have in front of you. You move from being a victim of your circumstances to an agent of change. Read more...

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