Why breaking resolutions is the best thing you can do.

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 21/01/2018   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Career Development, Coaching, Decision Making, Inspiration, Intuition, Leadership, Leading in crisis, Making change, Mindfulness, Strategic Planning

When we are stuck making a change in our behaviour that we believe will benefit us, it is due to an underlying contradictory thought pattern or belief. Until this belief is challenged and resolved, we will constantly come up against it, leading us at risk of seeing ourselves as “failures” in this area of our life. Read more...

I really want this job…. But the pay really sucks.

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 07/12/2017   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Career Development, Making change, Strategic Planning

Has this ever happened to you? You see a job you would love to do and would be fantastic opportunity; it highlights all your key skills and seems to be made for you to shine; you admire the company, resonate with its values, and have great rapport with the team. You apply, are made an offer and the reality sinks in when you see the figure on the page. It is much lower than you expected or had previously earnt, and takes you back a step. Read more...

The Courage To Be Disliked

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 12/10/2017   |   Categories: Decision Making, Inspiration, Leadership, Leading in crisis, Making change, Mindfulness

Last time I was in Melbourne I bought two great books: one about the joys of minimalism which I brought home and promptly lost in the precarious piles of books and magazines that is our kitchen table. The other was about The Courage to be Disliked – a dialogue between philosopher and student that unpacks Adlerian psychology and gently guides us to move beyond our perceived limits. Read more...

What your (funding) partners want from you, but may be too polite to ask

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 17/09/2016   |   Categories: Career Development, Inspiration, Leadership, Strategic Planning

Great partnerships are more than a way to fund a project or fix your bottom line. They are the foundations by which you can take your work to the world, and maybe even change it a little bit for the better. Read more...

Working freelance? Five things to consider first

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 11/08/2016   |   Categories: Balancing work and life, Career Development, Inspiration

There is nothing worse than finding yourself working late nights and weekends and finding yourself worse of financially than you were if you were employed. But with a bit of strategy, you can find a balance between income and freedom. Read more...

Does dressing the part for work matter?

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 30/07/2016   |   Categories: Career Development, Inspiration

In a perfect world what you wear to work shouldn’t matter but reality tells us something different. No matter how professional, passionate and energetic you are, a worn out wardrobe can send the wrong messages to yourself and those around you. This week our guest Kerry Athanassiou, founder of Style Culture shares 5 achievable tips towards change. Read more...

Rejection sucks: how to comeback from missing out on a job

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 23/07/2016   |   Categories: Career Development, Inspiration, Making change

Rejection sucks, but being strategic in your job hunt or career change can lessen the chance of missing out on work that will fulfill and satisfy you. Read more...

Bouncing back from missing out on a grant

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 14/07/2016   |   Categories: Fundraising, Inspiration, Strategic Planning

Missing out on funding or a grant can be frustrating, disappointing and demoralising, but it can be chance to learn more about your work for next time around. Read more...

Bigger is not always better - the six key risks in growing your organisation

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 18/03/2016   |   Categories: Inspiration, Leadership, Strategic Planning

For arts organisations, bigger is often not better. Unless you are ready aiming high could just mean a heavier fall. Read more...

Facing an uncertain future in your career

Author: Judith Bowtell   |   Date: 17/01/2016   |   Categories: Career Development, Decision Making, Inspiration

We live in uncertain times, and no one is ever immune to sudden and confronting changes in their working lives. Take some time and space NOW to put yourself in a position to succeed no matter what your circumstances, and stay on the front foot in your career. Read more...

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